An export company is a business that acts as an intermediary between international trade organizations, buying goods and sending them out of a country for sale.

The organization of export of products is one of the important components of many types of business. It is one thing to simply bring a product to a new market, and quite another to develop a scheme that will implement sales on an ongoing basis, taking into account all potential risks.

Full cycle maintenance


Most business owners try to form a "turnkey" foreign economic activity based on the results, which includes cargo transportation and documentation support. So the organization of the export of the enterprise is carried out with a full cycle. As a rule, it is not possible to implement such activities completely independently, not only because of the lack of necessary resources, but also because of the insufficient information base. Our company helps to carry out the quality organization of the export of the enterprise according to the full scheme.


The Export Trade company has been engaged in export activities since 2007. During this period, deliveries were successfully made to Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, the Republic of Kazakhstan, the United States and other countries.


Unique product for meat and milk

The innovative KLUVER PRO product is produced on the basis of a strain of milk yeast of the species Kluyveromyces marxianus and is different from all yeast products used in the world on the basis of brewer's and baker's yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae.
KLUVER PRO is used in the Russian Federation in the conditions of different livestock farms with milk yields from 5 000 to 11 000
liters. Increases short-, medium- and long-term zootechnical and
financial performance indicators in dairy, meat and meat and dairy cattle breeding. Visible result and full payback of KLUVER PRO -within the first month.



 increased egg productivity  and lifespan of laying hens  

A new yeast component for the food and feed industries in the Russian market based on a unique strain of the species Kluyveromyces marxianus, capable of preventing the development of various dysbacteriosis in poultry:

- quickly populates the gastrointestinal tract and displaces pathogenic microflora, competing with it for nutrition and suppressing it with volatile organic acids (VOCs); biodegrades mycotoxins;

- the yeast cell is lysed and becomes a nutrient medium for internal microflora (especially lacto- and bifidobacteria) in the form of DNA, RNA, amino acids, peptides and proteins;

- life cycle at temperatures up to 45 ° C;

- operates in the widest pH range from 2.5 to 8, the product is applicable together with acidifiers.

Unique properties:

Actively produces polyamines spermine and spermidine, which are the strongest geropotectors:

- slow down the aging process and increase life expectancy;

- participate in the proliferation and differentiation of cells;

- are important for the maturation of the intestine and the development of the immune system;

- improve growth, quality of plumage and shell; restore the structure of the skin after damage (acceleration of healing processes);

- spermidine - activator of autophagy.





microbiological fertilizers

complexes are modern biological products with a large number of microorganisms (15 or more species and strains in one preparation), composites built on the principle of mitotic bonds. They are safe for human life. It turns out a whole consortium of microorganisms, in which "one for all - all for one" is much more stable and stable in the soil than conventional 2-3-type EM preparations.

They are widely used for: - suppression of pathogenic microorganisms; - decomposition of food and plant residues; - Improving the immunity of young plants; - stimulation of the development of sprouts. Our fertilizers increase yields while maintaining soil fertility.

Welding Electrodes


We offers electrodes for manual and electric arc welding and weld deposition of different steel types: carbon, low-alloyed, heat-resistant, high-tensile-strength, heat-resisting, high alloy, corrosion resistant, dissimilar, cast iron, nickel-based alloys and metal-cutting. Our welding materials, the reliability of which has been tested in practice, have long been trusted by clients and have been in constant demand

Recycled Plastic Granula


Modern recycling factory is capable to proсess more than 300 tons of polymer wastes per month. The company has its own laboratory to restore secondary plastic qualities for further use. We have been working in the recyclable materials market from 2002. At present we work at new modern equipment and have possibility to complete our orders in a short time frame.

- HDPE polyethylene 276

- LDPE polyethylene

- Polypropylene PP 030

- Polystyrol


Refined deodorized dewinterized sunflower oil


All products have certificates of compliance with ISO, HACCP standards. Certificates of origin and other documents are drawn up under the terms of the contract.



mineral fertilizer

for agricultural use 


NanoSilicon- is a product with high concentration of silicon and trace elements in accessible form.Silicon is necessary to all plants for consumption improvements of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium. Stimulates  growth, accelerates the earing and maturation phases. It is caused by an increase in energy for metabolic processes and  sugar  synthesis/ Its accumulation in the conducting vessels causes an increase in the mechanical strength of the issues.

 NanoSilicon helps to increase your crop yield to 5-7 cwt per ha.




feed additive based on silicon 


The new generation product is a mineral composition based on elementary, bioactive silicon in a chelated (colloidal) form, which serves to increase the productivity of agricultural animals and reduce feed conversion.


The elemental silicon, which is part of it, is the architect of the body and the foundation for the healthy functioning of all systems. thanks to this functional role of the feed additive, agricultural animals become stronger and more resilient physically, the work of the reproductive system improves, precocity increases, and problems of the musculoskeletal system decrease (increased bone mineral density, reduced risk of developing arthritis and osteoporosis).




It is intended for the prevention and treatment of bacterial, fungal,
viral diseases of cultivated plants, as well as for the treatment of seed
Reduces the cost of using chemicals
Works on open and closed ground
No restrictions on the terms of use
Increases the yield of agricultural crops from 8 % on cereals and
up to 30 % on vegetables crops, as well as fruit and berry crops
Harmless to bees and humans (subject to the recommended
application rates of 0.25-0.8 L/ha)




It is a plant growth stimulator, antidote, anti-stress agent,

and soil activator

ZHUSS GUMIX makes it easier for plants to access useful elements  such as Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Silicon, Iron,  Magnesium, Copper, Molybdenum, Manganese, Zinc, Boron, Sodium,  Cobalt, Sulfur, and Selenium

Its composition includes products of Eisenia fetida, symbiotic fungi, as  well as bioactive substances such as gibberellins, auxins, folic acid,  humic acid

Bioactive substances promote maximum absorption of macro- and  micronutrients due to synergies



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